Upon Arrival

When You Arrive for Commencement

Upon arrival, you will enter at Exhibit Hall A and you will be directed to Exhibit Hall B where degree candidates will assemble before the event. Please note that your family members and guests cannot come with you to the Hall B staging area. Instead, they should go to their seats in the Commencement area through the lobby into the arena. Be sure to leave anything that cannot fit into your pockets with a guest or family member. Graduates are not permitted to bring coats, bags, purses, etc. into the staging area.

If you arrive late you will not be able to enter the arena, during the processional. We will seat you once the processional is over.

After Arrival

  • Stop at the check-in table located in Exhibit Hall A and pick up your name card. The card will let you know the row and seat number in the staging area that you should sit at for your college.
  • We will have people ready to help you put on your cap and gown.
  • You will then line up in the order of your college. Undergraduates line up in front of graduate students.
  • When you walk on stage, remember to bring your name card with you and do not fold it. The Commencement reader uses this to announce your name as you cross the platform.
  • Plan to stay for the entire ceremony. The ceremony will last about two hours.

Special tips:

  • Flat shoes are best for everyone. We have had people wearing high heels and cowboy boots trip on the long gowns.


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