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UHCL Commencement Ceremony

The Commencement event follows traditions that have existed for hundreds of years, since the first European universities honored their graduates just as we do at UHCL.

The Order of Commencement

  • All candidates are led from the staging area in preparation for the processional.
  • Processionals are formed in two lines, led by the Student Marshals.
  • The faculty are in front of you; the President's party will follow you onto the stadium floor.


  • The two lines of candidates, led by their student marshals, will file into the center from the back entrance. The lines will rejoin to go up the center aisle of candidate seats. Student Marshals will stop at the front row of seats and begin seating undergraduate and then graduate candidates row by row. All candidates remain standing. The Student Marshals will walk back up the center aisle to the stage.
  • If you are a row leader (you will have a small ribbon pinned to the shoulder of your gown), you will begin a new row and will walk to the far chair of your row (BUS and CSE on the right, COE and HSH on the left as you face the podium) - THAT IS YOUR SEAT - do not fill in the last chair of the row in front of yours, even if there is an empty chair there. Row leaders begin new rows, always.
  • Commencement programs are placed on your seats prior to the ceremony; do not carry one in with you.
  • Remain standing through the invocation and until the President signals for you to sit.
  • During the ceremony, stand when you're asked to stand and sit when you're asked to sit.
  • All candidates are expected to remain on the center floor for the entire ceremony. Please show respect to your fellow classmates and don’t leave prior to the closing of the ceremony.


  • President will say: "Will the audience please remain seated until all those in cap and gown have cleared the center. Let the Recessional begin!"
  • President's Party will exit first, then Faculty will pass and both groups will form a gauntlet at the back of the center.
  • At the signal of the Grand Marshal, the graduation recessional will begin.
    • Last students in are the first students out.
    • The Student Marshal will signal to the candidate on the center aisle of the back row of the seating block. Both candidates will rise and lead their row out of the seating area and will follow the Grand Marshal double file down the center aisle through the gauntlet.
    • All candidates will exit the lobby doors and go out of the building.
    • All candidates can meet their family and guests outside the building.
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