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Summer Institute

Welcome to Global Learning and Strategy Summer Institute

Summer Institute Program

The President's initiative to support international students, the Summer Institute aims to expand UHCL students' global education by providing students practical experience through internships within their field of study, professional development, and on-campus internships with an international theme. The innovation of the summer institute is vital, and we want to encourage engagement with the world so that when our students return home and advance in their careers, they are prepared and connected in their respective fields of study including a stamp of Global Citizenship.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Global Learning and Strategy has determined that on-shift to an online-only format. We are pleased to offer an online alternative to the Institute.

Summer Institute

Summer 2021 Institute Details

June 1–30, 2021

Summer Institute Program End of Summer Report

Past Webinars

  • Social Identity Wheel - Office of Student Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
  • Building Effective Communication Across Diverse Industries
  • Resume Building - Career Services
  • Networking Workshop 
  • Counseling Services - Career Anxiety, Confidence, Building professional connections 
  • True Colors - Student Diversity Equity & Inclusion - Office of Student Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Summer Institute Partners

In partnership with the Office of Strategic Partnerships

Advisory Board

Lisa Lima
Global Learning and Strategy Administrator

Firoj Gurung
Student Diversity Equity & Inclusion - International Student Programs Coordinator

Dr. Jennifer Grace
College of Education

Caron Park
Chief Business Administrator

Livia Kidd
International Admissions Advisor

Dr. Johna McClendon
Global Learning & Strategy

Bernie Streeter
Strategic Partnerships

Stephanie Holleran
Sr. International Student Advisor

Dr. Gigi Do
Associate Vice-President Global Learning & Strategy

Mr. Dwayne Busby
Executive Director, Strategic Partnerships

Juan Olgiun
Office of the President, DBA

Frequently Ask Questions

Can students earn academic credit through the Summer Institute?

If you are required to enroll in an internship or co-op course, you may be eligible to use CPT. Please contact your program and international advisor for more information.  

How many hours per week am I expected to work?

We expect a commitment of no less than 20 hours per week. Some weeks may vary based on the project or research needed. 

What type of technology equipment will I need?

Students are required to have a functioning computer/laptop with a microphone and camera. Global Learning and Strategy will assist students who may not meet technical requirements to participate fully in the Institute by connecting them to resources. There is no anticipated cost for these elements.

How Do Institute cohorts communicate work?

The Institute will be facilitated online and or remotely (based on project). Students must be engaged throughout the Institute and be in regular contact via virtual methods such as video call, phone call, email, instant messenger, etc.


I am still awaiting my social security number (SSN), can I still continue participating in the institute without my SSN?

Yes, as long as you have applied for your social security number, you are eligible to continue working. Contact Human Resources at and immediately upon issuance of your social security number. Please note you will not be paid without a valid social security number.

How many webinars/trainings am I able to miss due to a class conflict?

We understand that some of the mandatory webinars/trainings conflict with your class schedule or on-campus responsibilities. The Summer 2021 Institute has a full schedule of webinars and trainings to complement your virtual engagement. As such, your success is contingent on your attendance, active participation, and engagement throughout the 7-week institute. 

Institute students may miss up to three mandatory webinars/trainings due to class conflict. After the third absenteeism, students will be required to:

  1. Register for the recording of the missed training/webinar
  2. View the recording
  3. Write a 500-word paper on the missed training/webinar, along with added research and commentary from the student.
  4. Submission of the paper must be completed no later than five business days upon the date of the missed webinar/training. The paper must be submitted to
What if you do not attend the required webinars/trainings?

You will be dropped from the institute, which will impact your completion obligation and impact your receipt of the certificate of completion. As a reminder, your attendance is determined not only by fulfilling your virtual engagement role, but also by your attendance to the webinars/trainings. If you find that you cannot meet the institute's minimum participation requirements due to extenuating circumstances, please contact immediately.

What do I need to do for my final research paper?

All Summer 2021 Institute Students are required to submit a 2-page final research or reflection paper on their Summer 2020 Institute project within their focus area or their takeaways from the Institute.  Final papers must be submitted to by July 30 at 5 p.m. CST. Please note, you will not receive your final payment for the Institute until we have received and approved your final paper.

Previous Webinars


  • International Student Services

    Phone: 281-283-2740
    Fax: 281-226-7038

    Bayou Building B2123
    2700 Bay Area Blvd, Box 225
    Houston, TX 77058-1002