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President Blake assembled a set of catalysts to lead the charge in our strategic planning process. Our integral teams include:

  Strategic Planning Leadership Team

The Strategic Planning Team has the responsibility for overall planning and execution of the strategic planning process and implementation.  This includes:
- communication internally and externally involving the UHCL strategic plan.
- coordination of workshops, briefings, and meetings related to the strategic plan.
- operational governance over all aspects of strategic planning and strategic plan implementation and reporting.  

  • Joan Pedro, Interim Dean and Professor in Curriculum and Instruction,
    College of Education (co-chair)
  • Kevin Wooten, Faculty Chair and Professor of Management, College of Business (co-chair)
  • Steven Berberich, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
  • Mark Denney, Vice President for Administration and Finance 
  Strategic Management Team

The Strategic Management Team is a cross-section of UHCL administration, faculty, staff, and alumni who provide high-level input and oversight to the strategic planning process and implementation.   This includes:
- diagnostic analysis of the University, resulting in input and decision making for broad strategic themes, strategies, metrics and initiatives for the development and evolution of a strategy map.
- overall prioritization of strategic initiatives and sponsorship of all strategic planning metrics at the University level.
- overall guidance to the implementation of all strategic planning processes for all levels of implementation.

  • Ira Blake, President
  • Steven Berberich, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost 
  • De’Awn Bunch, Associate Vice President, Marketing and Communications
  • Patrick Lawrence Cardenas, Interim Director, Student Involvement and Leadership
  • Mark Denney, Vice President, Administration and Finance
  • Kathy Dupree, Executive Director, Campus Operations, UHCL Pearland
  • Randy Garcia, UHCL Alumni Association President, ex-officio
  • Miguel Gonzalez, Dean, College of Science and Engineering
  • Aaron Hart, Vice President, Student Affairs
  • Heather Kanenberg, Associate Professor of Social Work, Faculty Senate President
  • Mark Lindemood, former Interim Vice President, University Advancement
  • Daniel Maxwell, former Interim Vice President, Student Affairs
  • Brad McGonagle, Executive Director, Human Resources
  • Michael McMullen, Professor of Sociology
  • Evelyn Miralles, Associate Vice President, Strategic Information Initiatives and Technology
  • Joan Pedro, Interim Dean, College of Education
  • Scott Richardson, Chief Diversity Officer/Title IX Coordinator
  • Rick Short, Dean, College of Human Sciences and Humanities
  • Marilyn Sims, UHCL Distinguished Alumna
  • Joseph Staley, Vice President, University Advancement
  • Brian Stephens, Associate Professor of Biotechnology and Biology
  • Joyce Delores Taylor, Director, Internship Programs and Lecturer of Behavioral Science
  • Edward Waller, Dean, College of Business
  • Kevin Wooten, Faculty Chair and Professor of Management
  Theme Teams

The Theme Teams are a cross-section of administration, faculty, staff, alumni, and students assembled to determine the overall strategic themes to be perused by UHCL.  This includes:
- diagnosis of internal and external needs and conditions influencing the effectives and health of the University
- organization of inputs form many constituents into broad strategic themes upon which the strategic plan is built
- development of conceptual Strategy House for tying together the University vision, mission, values, and strategic themes

  • Educational Achievement
    • Mohamed AbdelGilil
    • Missy Adkins
    • Kara Hadley-Shakya
    • Sharon Hall
    • Bryan Heard
    • Judith Marquez
    • Usha Mathew
    • Denise McDonald
    • Jordan Mitchell
    • Timothy Richardson
    • Wanalee Romero
    • Deja Sero
    • Patavia Whaley
    • Patricia Wilson
  • Inclusive Culture
    • Robert Bartch
    • Patrick Lawrence Cardenas
    • Erika De Leon
    • Anne Gessler
    • Stephanie Holleran
    • Lisa Jones
    • Kathryn Matthew
    • Vivienne McClendon
    • Marlene Richards
    • Abby Varela
    • Ashlyn Vaughn
    • Omah M. Williams-Duncan
  • Innovation Partners
    • William Amonette
    • Karen Barbier
    • Charles Crocker
    • Nancy Devino
    • Gigi Do
    • Ximena Flandes
    • George Guillen
    • Dorothy Kirkman
    • Lillian McEnery
    • Beth Merfish
    • Christine Paul
    • Michael Wetzel
    • Jane Wood
  • University Identity
    • Debra Carpenter
    • Patricia Cuchens
    • Eric Herrera
    • Rebecca Huss-Keeler
    • Angela Montelongo
    • Caylee Smith
    • Charlotte Tullos
    • Ishaw Unwala
    • Christopher Ward

(Theme teams are comprised of faculty, staff, students and alumni.)

  Strategic Planning Facilitation and Training Team

The Strategic Planning Training and Facilitation Team is comprised of UHCL faculty and staff charged with being the internal change agents to institutionalize the Balanced Scorecard planning process.  This includes:
- obtaining and maintaining certification as a Balanced Scorecard Professional.
- planning for and championing the implementation of the strategic plan at the college and division levels.
- facilitation of workshops and meetings for the development of strategic plans and strategy maps for college and division level implementation.

  • Robert Bartsch, Professor of Psychology and Program Director, Center for Faculty Development
  • Said Bettayeb, Interim Associate Dean, Professor of Computer Science and Computer Information Systems,
  • De’Awn Bunch, Associate Vice President, Marketing and Communications
  • Dwayne Busby, Executive Director, Strategic Partnerships
  • Cindy Cook, Executive Director, Counseling, Health and Career Services
  • Pat Cuchens, Executive Director, Planning & Assessment
  • Kathy Dupree, Executive Director, Pearland Operations
  • Samuel Gladden, Associate Dean, College of Human Sciences and Humanities, Professor of Literature
  • Vicky Gu, Assistant Professor of Decision Sciences
  • Tyler Hall, Orientation and New Student Programs Coordinator
  • Usha Matthew, Associate Vice President, Finance
  • Vivienne McClendon, Executive Director, Neumann Library
  • Lilian McEnery, Interim Associate Dean, College of Education
  • Brad McGonagle, Executive Director, Human Resources
  • Mike McMullen, Professor of Sociology
  • Joan Pedro, Interim Dean, College of Education
  • Ed Puckett, Director, Web and Multimedia Services
  • David Rachita, Dean of Students
  • Timothy Richardson, Interim Associate Vice President, Student Success and Initiatives
  • Brian Stephens, Associate Professor of Biotechnology and Biology
  • Shreerekha Subramanian, Department Chair, Liberal Arts and Associate Professor of Humanities
  • Jana Willis, Department Chair, Literacy, Library and Learning Technologies and Professor of Instructional Design and Technology
  Objective Owners Team

The Objective Owners Team is a large cross-section of UHCL faculty and staff responsible for the development of metrics and initiatives for the strategic plan.  This includes:
- developing metrics and measurement plans for all strategic objectives and initiatives.
- coordinating with members of the Strategic Management Team in the finalization of all metrics.
- periodic meeting to review progress made on initiatives and engage in continuous improvement planning.

  • Missie Adkins
  • Alexis Alexander
  • Bill Amonette
  • Karen Barbier
  • Jason Barkmeyer
  • Robert Bartsch
  • Aliya Beavers
  • Elizabeth Beavers
  • David Benz
  • Said Bettayeb
  • Krista Buckminster
  • Catina Chapman
  • Stephen Cherry
  • Stephen Cotten
  • Charles Crocker
  • Erika De Leon
  • Nancy Devino
  • Gigi Do
  • David Garrison
  • Henock Gebrehiwot
  • Anne Gessler
  • George Guillen
  • Kara Hadley-Shakya
  • Tyler Hall
  • Bryan Heard
  • Eric Herrera
  • Esther Herrera
  • Aston Hibbits
  • Carri Hill
  • Rebecca Huss-Keeler
  • Lisa Jones
  • Nick Kelling
  • Tiffany King
  • Dorothy Kirkman
  • Elizabeth Klett
  • Christine Kovic
  • Stuart Larson
  • Renee Lastrapes
  • Sarah Lechago
  • Jason Makepeace
  • Judith Marquez
  • Usha Mathew
  • Crystal Matthews
  • Vivienne McClendon
  • Denise McDonald
  • Lillian McEnery
  • Beth Merfish
  • Tim Michael
  • Russell Miller
  • Angie Montelongo
  • Georgina Moreno
  • Caron Park
  • Keith Parsons
  • Christine Paul
  • Ivelina Pavlova-Stout
  • Alfredo Perez-Davila
  • Rosie Pineda
  • Kyle Pirtle
  • Ed Puckett
  • Rick Puzdrowski
  • David Rachita
  • Kristi Randolph-Simon
  • Tim Richardson
  • Krist Rickman
  • Desi Rios
  • John Rodriguez
  • Wanalee Romero
  • Cindy Saltzman
  • Lori Santiago-Vasquez
  • Deja Sero
  • Debby Shulsky
  • Daniel Silvermintz
  • Shreerekha Subramanian
  • Sheeba Thomas
  • Charlotte Tullos
  • Ishaq Unwala
  • Abby Varela
  • Troy Voelker
  • Chris Ward
  • Mike Wetzel
  • Erin Willey
  • Omah Williams-Duncan
  • Jana Willis
  • Paul Witney

Key Steps

Elements of our process will continue to be refined as we gather feedback and outline our implementation plan. We will follow a nine-step framework:

  1. Assessment
  2. Strategy
  3. Objectives
  4. Strategy Map
  5. Performance Measures
  6. Initiatives (Rollout of Strategic Plan)
  7. Performance Analysis
  8. Alignment
  9. Evaluation 

What is the Balanced Scorecard Institute?

The Balanced Scorecard Institute (BSI) is a Strategy Management Group company that provides consulting, training, and professional certification services to commercial, government, and non-profit organizations worldwide. BSI specializes in helping organizations:  

  • Become a high-performance organization
  • Increase focus on strategy and results
  • Prioritize projects & initiatives
  • Improve organizational performance by measuring what matters
  • Align the work people do on a day-to-day basis with organization vision and strategy
  • Improve communication of the organization’s vision and strategy
  • Transform the organization and build buy-in to change
  • Build complete strategic management systems

We selected BSI as our partner-in-planning to develop our strategic framework because of their award-winning methodology and 15-year track record of successfully improving organizational alignment. They have consulted a diverse group of organizations across multiple industries, have trained over 6,000 people in 80 countries, and have now certified over 2,000 balanced scorecard practitioners worldwide.