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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I share lodging with another state employee?

Yes, however, the hotel bill must show 2 forms of payment or obtain 2 receipts with each recipient's name.

How do I request a hotel card?

Complete a Travel Purchase Request Form at least 10 days prior to departure date.

Can I charge room service to the hotel card?

No, you may not allow any other charges on the hotel card except lodging & taxes. Please review your hotel bill prior to checkout. Pay for any incidentals separately.

Can I claim meals on one-day trips?

No, meals cannot be claimed on non-overnight travel.

Can I pay for my coworkers' meals?

No, you may only get reimbursed for your expenses through travel. If you have a business meal, contact your business coordinator for possible reimbursement.

Where do I get a tax exempt form for the hotel in Texas where I am staying? 

You may obtain a state sales tax exemption certificate through travels website.

I have a business trip to New Orleans; may I get reimbursed for mileage?

A written airfare quote must be obtained prior to travel when claiming mileage out of state. Reimbursement is limited to the airfare quote.

How long after my trip do I have to submit my expense report to the travel office?

Expense reports must be submitted within 60 days after travel is completed. Expense reports submitted after 60 days will be taxable income.

I have a personal emergency and will not take the trip after all. What do I do? 

If a trip is cancelled or changes need to be made, please email the Travel Office.

I am taking my spouse with me; can the travel office book my spouse's airfare when booking mine? 

No, we can only book employees' travel. When taking your spouse on a business trip, please arrange and book personal tickets separately.

The only expenses I will have on my trip is the registration. The conference is paying for everything.

We do not accept travel authorizations for registrations only. Contact your business coordinator to seek reimbursement for registration.

I have a handful of receipts to go along with my expense report. Can I just place it all in an envelope? 

No, do not submit loose receipts, please tape them to a sheet of paper, trying to avoid taping over the printed areas.

I have a lot of questions before going on my trip, too many to email. Can I make an appointment with a travel assistant?

Yes, please call to make an appointment if you need to sit with a travel staff member for travel assistance.

Don't assume anything. Call us first. 


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