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Protection of Human Subjects

Protection of Human Subjects and COVID-19

Investigators are advised to follow the COVID-19 link at the top of this page for UCHL guidelines on safe practices.  Investigators whose projects include outside organizations are also expected to follow their collaborators' guidelines and requirements.

UHCL Research Regulations and Guidelines

UHCL is required to protect human subjects under its Federalwide Assurance (FWA) for the Protection of Human Subjects with the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office for Human Research Protections (ORHP) and UHCL's policy for the protection of human subjects participating in research programs (Federal and University Guidelines) conducted at or supported by UHCL. The protections apply to studies conducted internally by faculty or staff and to external studies conducted by grantees and contractors.  UHCL adheres to the principles outlined in the Nuremberg Code, Belmont Report and the World Medical Association Declaration of Helsinki.  

CPHS Application

Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects

The Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects (CPHS) is comprised of members from each of the four colleges and includes alternates in case the primary member is not present. Other members include external and non-research individuals.  The UHCL CPHS is organized and operated in accordance with the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations and under Federalwide Assurance No. 00004068.

Summary of IRB Project Review Submission Procedures

All necessary forms and directions for submitting an application for review by the CPHS are linked below.  The forms open as fillable Word documents.  We recommend that you save them to your own hard drive for completion and later submission.

Student Researchers

IMPORTANT NOTE:  OSP will only accept CPHS submissions from Faculty Sponsors.  No student submissions will be accepted. 

All student researchers are to email completed CPHS application, informed consent form, survey instrument, CITI Program training certificates, etc., to their Faculty Sponsor for review of accuracy and compliance.

Faculty Sponsors or Principal Investigators

After reviewing the student's CPHS application and documents for accuracy and compliance, Faculty Sponsors should forward all attachments to OSP at  OSP will forward applications to one of the college's CPHS representatives for review and approval.

Forms and Links

(Revised November 2020)

Protocol Submission Checklist - outline of the procedure for submitting a CPHS protocol for review.

Required Training - link to required web-based training for new investigators and study personnel, transfer certification and recertification.

CITI Program Training Instructions for CPHS Investigators

CITI Program Training Instructions for CPHS Members

CPHS Application Review Instructions - link to training PowerPoint.

CPHS Application - Download document, complete and submit to OSP electronically.

CPHS Application Process UHCL CoE (Video)  

Consent and Assent Forms - Provides a number of CPHS-approved template forms, depending on age of participants. Note that the Informed-Informational Research document can be used when CPHS approves the request to waive participant's signature. A request and justification is submitted in the CPHS application, Section 6, "Informed Consent."

PLEASE NOTE:  These forms are being provided as SAMPLES ONLY. You should review them carefully to determine if the language is appropriate for your study.  You may modify any of these samples, as needed.  Please see IRB Consent Form templates for additional information and templates.  

Continuing Review Status Request Form - Submit this form along with all updated application materials when renewing your CPHS protocol.

Completed Protocol Review Form - Submit this form if you require documentation of a closed or completed research study.


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