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Only authorized users may access the database, such as faculty with laboratories utilizing chemicals, their designated RA or TA, University Police and other personnel. The Chemical Inventory database is a work in progress overseen by Risk Management in collaboration with lab personnel and faculty to establish a comprehensive inventory of chemicals used at the university. The inventory will serve as a real-time database with several functions: 1) To know what materials are present and assess their hazards; 2) A location to store SDSs so that the SDSs may be reviewed when looking to see what chemicals are available for an experiment; 3) Use for several agency reports throughout the year (e.g., DEA, TCEQ, DSHS); and 4) Allow faculty to denote items on the inventory that are no longer needed, which will serve as either a list of items that may be shared with other faculty/laboratories, or a list of items that may be included in the next scheduled waste pickup.

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