Keeping Our Campus Safe

At University of Houston-Clear Lake, we care about the safety of our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the surrounding community. The Safety and Industrial Hygiene division is responsible for protecting our campus through safety training, lab safety, animal care, and ensuring all on campus activities are properly regulated. Campus events where food is served, activities that involve cutting, grinding, or welding operations, and the animals on our campus are all areas in which Risk Management oversees safety awareness to ensure a safe environment for all.

In this section you will find information about:

  Hot Work

Hot Work Permit and Procedures – This permit is required when performing any work that involves burning, welding, using fire- or spark-producing tools, or that produces a source of ignition. Contact the University Fire Marshal’s office 281-283-2250 for questions concerning any work being performed on campus that may require a Hot Work Permit.

Issuance of a Hot Work Permit means that the work will meet the requirements for Fire Prevention, adequate Ventilation, and proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to safeguard the employee from hazards such as eye damage, burns, and fumes that may be hazardous to their health – which varies based on the materials used.

The requirements for a Hot Work Permit are detailed in the Procedures that precede the permit application. Review of the procedures will help the applicant understand ahead of time what conditions will be required for permit approval.

  Animals Brought or Found on Campus
  Food Safety

Whenever food is sold or distributed on campus, public food safety rules come into effect and a temporary food permit must be obtained.  This applies to employees, students, and community visitors distributing or selling food.  Applicable requirements are summarized in the Temporary Food Permit Policies and Procedures.

The food permit application must be submitted online at least two weeks in advance  at  Login credentials are the same as your campus computer login.

Should the online permit system be down, or if you are not a UHCL student, faculty, or staff and are renting out UHCL facilities for a public event, you may submit the food permit application to

Private events will no longer need a food permit, but if in a public space, groups must post signs that it is for their members only.

Non-shelf-stable food must be kept hot or cold during the event, and the maximum amount of time for each permit is four hours.

Food Items prepared at individuals homes are required to have a statement indicating as such at the event.  This could be included on an event sign that also includes ingredients and potential allergens. Here is a Home Operations Food Statement template which may be used for this information.

Fire Extinguisher training ( and an Open Flame Permit is required when sterno's will be used for hot holding.  Both should be submitted along with the food permit request, showing a designated fire watch will be present at the event who has taken the extinguisher training.

Definitions have changed for the risk categories (low, medium, and high), and certain foods require Food Handler’s Training through an accredited training provider, such as or at a nominal cost ($7-15) to the applicant, which is good for 3 years. 

Applicants must acknowledge they have read the procedures when applying by signing a Declaration of Acknowledgement.

When you consider purchasing food for an event, it is important to remember that UHCL Dining Services always has the first right of refusal for your request when using university funds.  See the Food Service Waiver Request form on the Procurement and Payables page for amounts over $100 using University funds.


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