Course Data

Course Data provides UHCL course data by various course characteristics: academic school/college, enrollment, SCH, course, classification level, location, size.

Enrollment & Semester Credit Hours (SCH) by Rubric

This report includes enrollment and SCH by school, classification and rubric.

Semester Credit Hours (SCH) by Location Report

This report includes total SCH summarized by course location (on-campus, off-campus, on-line, etc.) by FY and term. 

SCH by Location FY2003 thru FY2014 

Average Class Size Report

This report includes class size distribution and average organized class size by school and student classification. As of Fall 2011 courses with 3 or fewer students were excluded and cross-listed courses were combined, with the undergraduate courses with the highest enrollment taking precedence.

This report has been suspended pending review and revision. For questions, please contact OIE  at

Student Full-Time-Equivalency (FTE) Report

This report includes total SCH by classification by FY and term. 

End of Term GPA and Completions by Rubric Report

This report includes grade distribution per course section, average GPA by course section, % completion and % A-C student's completion.

To obtain a copy of the Grade Reports, please contact Mary Ballew in the OIE Office at


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