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Institutional Research

 Institutional Research reports clear, accurate and relevant institutional data and analysis to our customers in a timely fashion.  Learn more about the secure OIE Data Portal, submit an OIE Data Request or access OIE data reports.

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Fact Book

2020 Fact Book is a compilation of 2019 UHCL key indicators selected by executive administration to provide a general overview of UHCL's students, courses, faculty and other relevant information.

Fact Book

Campus Facts

Campus Facts provide quick UHCL campus facts and data about students and course enrollment. Example reports include Facts at a Glance and Common Data Set (CDS).

Student Data

Student Data provide UHCL enrollment data by various student characteristics or demographics: ethnicity gender, FT/PT, graduation trends.

Course Data

Course Data provide UHCL course data by various course characteristics: academic school/college, enrollment, SCH, course, classification level, location, size.

Faculty Data

Faculty Data provide UHCL faculty data by various faculty characteristics:  profiles by area of instruction, academic college, FTE, salary comparison data.

State and Federal Data

State and Federal Data provide UHCL state and federally mandated report data; Program Profile or academic unit data; and IPEDS, LBB and other data.

Survey Data

Survey Data provide federal and university mandated surveys reported based on a periodic schedule.

IR Resources

IR Resources provide links relevant to institutional effectiveness, institutional research, and assessment.

IR Resources


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