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Student Achievement Goals and Measures

According to the UHCL Mission Statement, “The University offers the highest quality instruction and nationally accredited academic programs designed to develop the critical thinking, creative, quantitative, leadership and communication skills of students.”


To serve its mission, in 2010 UHCL adopted a comprehensive Strategic Plan to address the issue of student success. Specifically, Goal #2 of the UHCL Strategic Plan states that “University of Houston-Clear Lake will provide a supportive student-centered campus environment focused on student access and success.”

UHCL has embraced seven objectives focused on student access and success to meet Goal #2 of its Strategic Plan:

  1. Achieve downward expansion.
  2. Develop new academic programs and enhance existing programs to meet community and student needs.
  3. Develop and deliver quality online and off-campus programs.
  4. Increase student financial support, including scholarships.
  5. Provide academic and support services to increase student enrollment and retention.
  6. Develop the critical thinking, creative, quantitative, leadership and communication skills of our students.
  7. Enhance and support student life including student government and organizations, recreation, housing, community service, leadership development, research and other activities

Student Achievement 

As a public institution the University of Houston-Clear Lake (UHCL) evaluates its success with respect to student achievement on an ongoing basis. The tables below present the highlights of student achievement at UHCL.

Graduation Rates

From its inception through Spring 2014, UHCL was an upper-level institution. In Fall 2014, UHCL accepted its first freshmen class. As a result, six-year graduation data for first-time freshmen will not be available until Fall 2020. A vast majority of undergraduate students at UHCL are transfer students. The table below displays the four-year and two-year transfer graduation rates.

Academic Yr 4 Yr Transfer Rate (%) 2 Yr Transfer 
Rate (%)
2019 64.5 23.0
2018 66.0 21.8
2017 73.6 19.1
2016 71.4 21.0
2015 68.8 28.2
2014 74.9 29.1

Source: UHCL Legislative Control Board (LBB) Performance Measures report (Outcome 33, 38)

Degrees Awarded

Since its first graduating class in 1975, UHCL has awarded bachelor and master level degrees. In 2007 UHCL began offering a doctoral degree, and in 2010 the university awarded its first doctoral degrees. The table below displays the number of degrees awarded at each level and the total degrees awarded.

Academic Yr Bachelor Degrees Awarded Master Degrees Awarded Doctoral Degrees Awarded TOTAL
2019 1463 899 19 2,381
2018 1420 1014 24 2,458
2017 1325 1222 17 2,564
2016 1,291 1,235 13 2,539
2015 1,299 1,288 23 2,610
2014 1,255 1,054 9 2,318

Source: Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board CB9 Graduation Report (Graduation Trends AY)


Course Completion Rates

Over the past five years, course completion rates at UHCL have consistently been above 93 percent, as shown in the table below.

Academic Yr Completion Rate (%)
2019 94.7
2018 94.6
2017 94.9
2016 94.7
2015 94.5

Source: UHCL LBB Performance Measures report (Outcome 16)

Persistence Rates

Historical data suggest high persistence rates for transfer students at UHCL. The following table provides the annual persistence rate of returning transfer students, as measured in each of the past five fall semesters.

Academic Yr 1 Yr Transfer Persistence Rate (%)
Fall 2018 who returned Fall 2019 80.1
Fall 2017 who returned Fall 2018 82.8
Fall 2016 who returned Fall 2017 82.6
Fall 2015 who returned Fall 2016 80.3 
Fall 2014 who returned Fall 2015 83.3

Source: UHCL LBB Performance Measures report (Outcome 43)

Student Satisfaction

UHCL measures student satisfaction using the Student Satisfaction Index from the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE). Over the past five years, UHCL has consistently obtained a satisfaction index of over 85 percent, indicating a high level of satisfaction among graduating seniors.

Academic Yr Student Satisfaction Index (%)
2019 90
2018 89
2017 90
2016 89
2015 92

  Source: NSSE UHCL Progress Card

State Licensing Examinations

The UHCL teacher certification rate has been above 90 percent since 2010. In 2016, all students who attempted the certification process successfully obtained teacher certification. The table below provides the certification rate of UHCL students for the past five years.

Academic Yr Teacher Education Certification Graduation Rate (%)
2019 100.0
2018 99.4
2017 100.0
2016 100.0
2015 99.2

Source: UHCL LBB Performance Measures report (Outcome 17)

Job Placement Rates

Eighty-four percent of the students who received a bachelor’s degree at UHCL in 2015 either obtained employment upon their graduation from the university or were enrolled as students at a higher education institution. The table below displays the number and percent of undergraduate students who gain employment after degree completion as well as the number and percent of those who are working and/or enrolled in higher education courses after completing a degree at UHCL.

Undergraduate Completers Cohort Size All Working Count All Working Percent (%) Total Working Count Total Working Percent (%)
2016-2017 1,324 1007 76 1078 81
2015-2016 1,292 1,004 78 1054 82
2014-2015 1,294 1,029 80 1,083 84
2013-2014 1,252 983 79 1,042 83
2012-2013 1,189 922 78 981 83

Source: Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board – Exit Cohorts

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