Core Curriculum Assessment: Results and Plans

Core Curriculum Assessment Results

Current Assessment Plan

THECB requires institutions to assess the six core objectives and provide reports to the THECB. As part of these reports, institutions are required to report on direct measurement of student learning for the six core objectives, provide descriptions of the assessment process, and detail follow-up actions.

Faculty who teach each Foundational Component Area course determine how to assess each of the designated 3-4 Core Objectives for that course. These assessments may be projects, presentations, or tests embedded in the course. Regardless of the method the faculty use for assessment, the faculty who develop this process are also responsible for developing a table of how these assessment scores translate to the ratings of Unacceptable, Acceptable, and Excellent. The faculty report the method of assessment, the translation table, a roster of each individual student’s rating to the Office of Planning and Assessment at the end of each semester the course is taught. All six core objectives are covered each semester and all core faculty report each semester.

Proposed Pilot Assessment Plan

Each semester two core objectives will be assessed, using the rubrics developed by the Core Curriculum Assessment Committee. For the assessment of the two core objectives per semester, courses will be pre-selected and faculty will be asked to provide student artifacts based on the at least three of the learning outcomes. These artifacts will serve as authentic examples of student performance and serve as direct measures of assessment. Artifacts will be collected during one semester and assessed during the following semester. 

According to the following assessment cycle, two core objectives will be assessed each semester.  In the following semester small groups of core curriculum faculty, or reading teams, will work together to assess a random sample of artifacts. Faculty members volunteer to serve on reading teams; incentives are under discussion. In order to measure and report based on this target, the expected level of student achievement will be defined by a score of 3.0 on the 4-point rubric for each specific element assessed.
Core Assessment Cycle
Within three consecutive semesters, all six core objectives will be assessed. 

Core Curriculum Resources

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