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Assessment Resources

  • Assessment Calendar 2016-2017
  • August-October 30
    • Conduct assessment on past year’s outcomes – 2015-16 Last Yr.
    • Interpret findings, summarize results, and develop action plan
    • Enter Results and Use of Results in AMS – 2015-2016 Last Yr.
    • Use assessment results to improve plan
    • Update/modify Outcomes and Methods/Criteria for Success for current year -2016-17 Current.
  • October 31
    • Submit completed assessment plan in AMS - 2015-16 Last Yr. A completed plan includes:
      • Results
      • Use of Results
    • Initiate assessment plan for current year - 2016-17 Current. An initiated plan includes
      • Outcomes
      • Methods/Criteria for Success
  • November 1-30
    Office of Planning and Assessment
    • Review 2015-16 Last Yr and 2016-17 Current assessment plans using rubrics in AMS system.
    • Work with plan owners to improve plans as needed to meet best practices and UHCL assessment standards.
    • After review by the Office of Planning and Assessment, revise 2015-16 Last Yr and 2016-17 Current assessment plans as needed.
  •  December 15
    • Submit Funding Request Form to Dean/Division if new funding is needed for 2017-18 Funding assessment plan. Date is set by Budget Office; see Planning and Budget Cycle page for details.
  • January 15
    Office of Planning and Assessment
    • Provide Assessment Plan Review Reports to Deans/AVPs/Provost, Division Chairs and appropriate administrators, indicating overall status and evaluation of completed 2015-16 Last Yr assessment plans and initiated 2016-17 Current plans.

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