Retention Council

The Retention Council was formed by the Office of the Provost with the specific task to support the institutionalization of UHCL's retention initiative. Understanding that it is a community wide effort to improve student success and achievement, the Retention Council is an action and research-oriented retention team comprised of faculty and staff.

The team will proactively engage the university in retention discussions build collaborative partnerships across the university and disseminate information related to the retention efforts.

The council charge is to develop and deploy a comprehensive retention plan, monitoring that plan and removing barriers to ensure the plan's measurable goals are realized through:

  1. Researching national literature and data on the topic of retention to determine precisely how we compare using UHCL retention data 
  2. Reviewing best practices/programs and structural setup of comparable institutions and determine if our campus can benefit 
  3. Examining current programs at UHCL, try to determine how successful they are and if they can be expanded 
  4. Reviewing current UHCL policies and procedures that affect retention and determine how they might be modified to improve retention without sacrificing academic quality and standards 
  5. Developing recommendations complete with estimated costs and time lines for structural enhancements, programs, policies and/or procedures that will enhance retention 
  6. Identifying, constructing, monitoring and evaluating new pilot programs for success and possibly expand to all schools if and as appropriate 
  7. Meeting and reporting on a regular basis to ensure engagement and collaboration across the university community 
  8. Assessing all efforts periodically to guarantee continuous improvement

Council Membership

  • Melissa Adkins, Functional Analyst III
  • Yvette Bendeck, AVP for Enrollment Management, Chair
  • Darlene Biggers, AVP for Student Services
  • Sadegh Davari, Professor, College of Science and Computer Engineering
  • Lisa Gabriel, Director of Off-campus and Distance Education
  • Melissa Gonzalez, Associate Professor, College of Business
  • Sharon Hall, Professor, College of Human Sciences and Humanities
  • Lisa Jones, Associate Professor, College of Education
  • Enrollment Management

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