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Digital Measures

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Digital Measures organizes and builds reports on teaching, research and service activities. It enables you to keep track of your activity information just once so you can prepare other reports, such as annual activity reports, promotion and tenure documents, accreditation reports, your CV, your profile on your campus website, and more. It also assists your administration in responding to requests for faculty-related data, rather than continually asking you for the information. This enables your campus to communicate more effectively about your accomplishments.  

Activity Insight is designed to be easy to navigate. To help you get started, though, here is a quick overview of the utilities you will work with most often. Screen Summary Reference Guide

Digital Measures Training Modules

The training tutorials provided are intended to review how Digital Measures functions and how to access the application. Please contact your individual college with questions.

Module Description
M1 Login Instructions on how to access and log on to Digital Measures.
M2 General Information Overview of the "General Information" section.
M3 Teaching Overview of the "Teaching" section.
M4 Scholarship and Research Overview of the "Scholarship and Research" section.
M5 Service Overview of the "Service" section.
M6 Interests and Expertise Overview of the "Interests and Expertise" section.
M7 Rapid Report Instructions on how to run the Annual Activity Report for a calendar year.

Entering Faculty Activity Information

Manage Activities
Add or update information about the activities accomplished.
This utility will also help to customize a CV report.
Help section
Allows faculty to submit suggestions on how to improve the system, ask questions about use of the system, or report system errors.

Importing Citation Data

Digital Measures Steering Committee:

  • Miriam Qumsieh, Co-Chair
    Office of Institutional Research
  • Carmen Conley, Co-Chair 
    Office of Planning and Assessment
  • Karen Elliott, Office of Planning and Assessment
  • Samuel Gladden, College of Human Sciences and Humanities
  • Ed Puckett, Director, Web and Multimedia Services
  • Joan Bruno, College of Business
  • Michelle Lane, College of Education
  • Felix Simieou, College of Education
  • David Garrison, College of Science and Engineering
  • Robert Bartsch, Director, Center for Engagement, Teaching and Learning

Frequently Asked Questions about Activity Insight

Does Activity Insight have spell check?

Most modern browsers have settings or preferences which enable the browser to check your spelling as you type across all web applications.

How do I know where to put each of my different types of activities?

The names on each screen should assist you in determining where to put information. UHCL has customized Activity Insight to meet its own specific needs, and as a result many have created their own customized a number of screens to meet the needs of faculty and to help you locate screens and individual items, so please use this Tip Sheet.

More Activity Insight FAQs.

For answers to questions not listed here, please contact your college’s guru or email