Moving/Relocation Expense Reimbursement

  • Upon receipt of the letter of acceptance of employment showing the allowance for moving expenses for the new employee, the responsible departmental or college/division administrator shall provide to the new employee a copy of UH MAPP 02.02.05 with the specific information on University contracts with moving companies. Refer to the list of UH Pre-Approved Moving Companies posted on the Tax website.

  • The employee may contract directly with a self-service or full-service moving company or request the responsible University department issue a PO to the moving company and pay with a PO voucher. The payment to the moving company is taxable to the employee. The voucher should be routed through tax workflow for review and approval. The employee will be responsible for paying any amount that exceeds authorized moving expenses.

  • Out-of-pocket moving expenses for house-hunting, temporary quarters (lodging), storage, and the cost of transporting personal effects for the new UHCL employee and members of their household to a new home, are 100% taxable to the employee. These expenses should be reimbursed through Accounts Payable.

  • Employee can get reimbursement for moving expenses while in transit, up to the first day of arrival to new job location. Additional expenses (other than temporary quarters) are not allowed.

Required Moving and Relocation Documents

Note: Please document all receipts as either "House Hunting" or "Moving" expenses 
Expense Type Allowable Expenses 
House Hunting/Moving Airfare
House Hunting/Moving Gasoline-any vehicle (or mileage, but not both)
House Hunting House Hunting-all expenses
House Hunting/Moving Lodging en route including 1st Day Leave and Arrive
House Hunting Meals for Employee and family/household members
House Hunting/Moving Mileage (or gasoline, but not both)
Moving Moving Company-Reimburse Employee
Moving Other Moving Expenses
Moving Packing Supplies-Boxes, Tape, etc.
House Hunting/Moving Parking
House Hunting/Moving Rental Truck/Van/Car
Moving Shipping Expenses - UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc.
Moving Storage, Temp or Long Term (including PODS)
House Hunting/Moving Taxi
House Hunting/Moving Tolls
House Hunting/Moving Train
Moving Vehicle Transport
House Hunting/Moving Visa Application Fee

Moving and Relocation Account Codes

54806 - Direct Payment to Moving Company (Taxable)

Payment made directly to moving company for moving the personal effects and household goods of a new staff or faculty member while moving to their UHCL assignment. To be processed on a PO Voucher and routed through tax workflow for approval.

56122 - House-hunting Travel (Taxable)

Prospective and new employee travel expenses while house hunting. Cost of one trip of up to one week in length for the employee and members of the household. This refers specifically to the travel costs associated with a new employee and household members looking for a house or apartment in the vicinity of the new place of employment.

56121 - Directly Related Expense (Taxable)

New employee (and members of household) travel while moving to their UHCL assignment. This includes short-term and long-term storage, temporary quarters, lodging, airfare, shipping supplies, moving company, shipment of vehicles, moving truck or car rental gasoline, car rentals (used for moving purposes only), PODS, transportation costs to and from airports. If traveling by car, includes mileage, or the actual cost of transportation, such as gas, oil, parking fees, and tolls. Refer to the IRS Mileage Rate Schedule.


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