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The full-time faculty of the UHCL Cross-Cultural Studies program are committed teachers, active scholars, and writers with diverse interests and areas of expertise.

Dr. Christine Kovic
Dr. Maria Curtis
Dr. Dawit Woldu
Dr. Mike McMullen
Dr. Shreerekha Subramanian
Dr. Steven Cherry
Dr. Amy Lucas
Dr. Desi Rios
Dr. Daniel Haworth
Dr. Angela Howard
Dr. Adam Hodges
Dr. Barbara Hales
Dr. Jeff Lash
Dr. Craig White
Dr. Deepa Reddy


Dr. Christine Kovic
Cross-Cultural Program Director

 HSH Advising
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Human Sciences & Humanities
Academic Advising Office
University of Houston-Clear Lake
2700 Bay Area Blvd
Houston, TX 77058-1098

Program Overview

The master's degree program in Cross-Cultural Studies is designed for students interested in developing knowledge and skills appropriate to working in cross-cultural environments. The program focuses on understanding cultural dynamics, appreciating cultural diversity, and negotiating differences between cultures and societies with the goal of bridging these differences.
In this program you will have the unique opportunity to create a comprehensive, inter-disciplinary learning experience focused on understanding diversity:

  • Conflict resolution and mediation through courses which provide skills to apply in a number of cross-cultural institutional environments, such as corporate, religious, legal, educational, grassroots, nonprofit, or international non-governmental organizations
  • Regional and area studies through concentrated courses on Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America, which emphasize global perspectives. Students have participated in Model Arab League at the regional and national level and have won scholarships to study overseas.
  • Interdisciplinarity through courses in Anthropology, History, Literature, Psychology, Sociology, and Geography which offer different approaches to the study of cultural diversity.
  • A Capstone experience that is either practically oriented in an internship or focused on conducting original research in a thesis or a project. Past internships have included Multicultural Offices in higher education institutions, health and human rights initiatives, and non-governmental organizations.

Career Opportunities

A degree in Cross-Cultural Studies can be a springboard to a successful career in a number of professions, especially in Houston, the most diverse city in the country. You can:

  • Conduct research or otherwise build a career working for local and international non-profit organizations and social service agencies, focusing on refugees, human rights, family, healthcare and much more
  • Work in human resources, especially in diversity management, talent management, and/or training
  • Work at educational institutions in international student advising and counseling or international education
  • Join cultural centers, museums, and other institutions addressing diversity and cross-cultural understanding
  • Serve as a cultural interlocutor between health care professionals and patients in the medical field
  • Apply your skills in the field of cross-cultural consultancy in the business or public sector
  • Pursue a doctoral degree in a discipline of your choice
  • Teach diversity related courses at the secondary or junior college levels
  • Join any office that has a concern for fostering effective cross-cultural communication and nurturing cultural diversity


Cross Cultural Studies | Student Testimonials

"While a Master's candidate at the University of Houston – Clear Lake, I presented my research at the National Association of African American Studies and Affiliates Conference in Louisiana, attained a scholarship to attend the Intercultural Management Institute Conference at American University, participated in the National University Model Arab League Conference at Georgetown University, and secured a Saudi Arabia Exchange Fellowship sponsored by the National Council on U.S. Arab Relations. Each one of these transformative experiences would not have been possible without the continued guidance and unwavering support of the amazing professors in the Cross-Cultural Studies program."

Michael Bustamante | Current CRCL Student

"Coming from a home where ethnic and cultural differences were not celebrated or tolerated, the CRCL program was monumental in providing a therapeutic outlet to further educate myself to celebrate all cultures and people. I completed my internship at The Jameson Center- the foster care branch of The Children's Center. I have been employed by Communities in Schools for the past six years. I was a campus coordinator at McWhirter Elementary for five years, and am now the Resource Development Director."

Hillary Gramm, Class of 2011 | Recently voted by the Houston Business Journal as The Best 40 under 40

"What I learned in my course work and research broadened my understanding of culture. It also provided a strong foundation for the work that I currently do dealing with issues related to Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), Affirmative Action Programs (AAP), and assisting corporations in their mission to promote diversity and inclusion. The knowledge acquired in my cross-cultural studies courses provided me with the necessary skills to implement the information learned, as a student, at the professional lever in my current workplace in healthcare, research, and higher education."

Imelda Estrada Wicks | Human Resources Coordinator, Diversity and Inclusion, University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, TX

"The Master's Degree program in Cross-Cultural Studies at UHCL helped me to develop research projects and ideas about women studies, social inequality, human rights, media studies, and activism. The program fostered critical thinking skills and encouraged the development of research projects. These skills have been a crucial asset in my job as an adjunct anthropology professor at the University of Houston-Clear Lake and at the University of Houston. The Cross-Cultural program also strengthened my passion for travel, fostered a deeper understanding of cultural spaces, and fine-tuned my analytical skills. It opened many doors that have been invaluable in my life."

Bridget Fernandes

School of Human Sciences and Humanities
University of Houston-Clear Lake 2700 Bay Area Blvd. Suite B1539  Houston, Texas 77058-1098

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