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Welcome to Anthropology at UHCL!

At UHCL, we believe that anthropology should be actively engaged in this world we all share. We seek to use anthropological perspectives to help us meet the challenges of a modern, global society. Our attention to real-world issues takes us far from the pursuit of the exotic that some still associate with the discipline of anthropology. This focus leads us, instead, to a socially responsible and intellectually rigorous pursuit of answers to questions that urgently matter in the contemporary world.

In the interconnected world of today, learning the fundamental lessons of anthropology can no longer be considered a luxury. It is a necessity for how we live our lives now and how we will live them tomorrow. With its holistic perspective and commitment to documenting and analyzing multiple ways of life, anthropology is uniquely equipped to prepare our students to effectively meet the challenges of our world of constant change.

Here at UHCL, we focus specifically on the study of cultural anthropology. We bring the comparative perspective of cultural anthropology to everything from the study of transnational migration to human health, including intensive studies of gender, religious movements, violence, human rights, and public culture. Our courses span the globe, examining cultures in North America, Latin and Central America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia!

Our flourishing program has 50 majors and continues to grow. Studying anthropology prepares our students to be innovative thinkers and valuable problem solvers. Throughout their undergraduate career, our undergrads are offered hands-on training in qualitative research methods. We provide students many opportunities to practice these skills here in the Houston area during their coursework and outside of the US in our study abroad programs.

Our students leave with solid methodological training and a global and holistic perspective that serves them well in whatever career they choose. Our graduates have successful careers in a wide range of fields, including medicine, law, marketing, education, social work, and public service -- anywhere that requires a global perspective, a clear and flexible mind, and a willingness to consider other peoples' views.

Our award winning faculty enjoys working closely with students to provide them with opportunities for professional development and fosters a supportive environment that assists our students in achieving great things. We welcome you to our vibrant community and look forward to seeing what you do with the exciting discipline of Anthropology!



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