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Web Accessibility

UHCL Web Accessibility Statement


  • Ensure that all programs, activities and information on the University's Web Site are accessible to all members of the community as stipulated by federal and state law.
  • Empower all content providers, page developers, site developers, and site owners with the ability to meet the highest level of accessibility that befits a world-class university.


  • Accessible WebPage – Web pages equally usable by people with or without disabilities.
  • Site – A group of pages for any school, business unit, or university wide association or affiliation.
  • Content Provider – Individuals responsible for managing and maintaining Web-based content.
  • Page Developer – Individuals responsible for developing page layouts.
  • Site Developer – Individuals responsible for designing and developing sites.
  • Site Owner – Individuals responsible for making administrative and strategic decisions for the University, school, or business unit sites.
  • Tab Manager – Individual designated as chair or owner of a tab on UHCL's home page


University of Houston-Clear Lake (UHCL), to enhance accessibility, will make all reasonable efforts to comply with legal mandates. UHCL has adopted the requirements established by Section 508 Subsection 1194.22 of the Rehabilitation Act. These are consistent Guidelines and provide achievable, well-documented guidelines for implementation. State law requires the University to comply with relevant provisions of Department of Information Resources (DIR) Standards Review and Recommendations Publications (SRRPUB) on World Wide Web Design Standards and Coding Guidelines Section S206.2 or Accessibility and Usability of State Web Sites.

All Web pages published or hosted by the University, new or revised must comply with the University's Web Accessibility requirements effective January 1, 2006. Prior to this date information, by revision, is to be made available to any individual needing access to Web content.

  1. Information on Web sites or pages no longer in use but subject to records retention plans containing core administrative or academic information is to be made accessible to any individual needing access.
  2. A text only version of an inaccessible Web page may be offered only in cases where extraordinary measures would be necessary to make the Web page compliant. The text version must contain the same information, have equivalent functionality and be updated when the accessible page is updated. An Accessibility link must be available for each Web site containing the Web Accessibility Guideline and contact information for the Accessibility Coordinator.

Web Accessibility Responsibility

The Site Owner and Content Provider are responsible for the content and to ensure that the Web page meets the legal mandates delineated by this statement.

Web Accessibility and Documentation

Section 508, accessibility compliance, must be documented and maintained by each Site Owner. Web Publishing Help offers information, tips and tools to help you meet 508 mandates and to document compliance.


  • Where compliance is not possible or may require extraordinary measure, the Site Owner must document the reasons for noncompliance.
  • Whenever possible, the Accessibility Coordinator will help Site Owner find accessible solutions.

Problems with Accessibility

If you have difficulties or problem accessing UHCL web information, please contact the Accessibility Coordinator. All complaints and comments will be addressed in the following manner:

  1. Accessibility Coordinator receives noncompliance notice from public user
  2. Accessibility Coordinator verifies validity of complaint
    1. If complaint is not valid
      1. Document Complaint and email response to user
      2. Process Ends
    2. If complaint is valid
      1. Accessibility Coordinator notifies, Content Provider, Site Owner, or Tab Manager
      2. Accessibility Coordinator follows up on noncompliance issue
        1. If compliance is met, Process Ends
        2. If compliance is not met, Web Site Owner submits documented reason for noncompliancy to Accessibility Coordinator
          1. If justification is valid, Process Ends
          2. If justification is not valid
            1. Accessibility Coordinator alerts University Advancement
            2. University Advancement mediates compliance issue
            3. Process Ends
Last updated: 11/05/2016 UTC
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